After filling your email address in the initial registration screen, we normally send you a link to verify your email address and continue with the registration process of your account. However, if we can't find your email address in our records, you will get an email similar to the one below.

There might be various reasons for this problem.
Please try to answer few questions below, which may help to identify the correct email for registration:

  • are you sure work email address as in CWT Portrait profile has been used?Please make sure you register your profile with the work email as in thePortrait profile.
  • is this possible your company recently changed emails or email domains, changewas not done in CWT Portrait profile and you try to register with newemail/email domain? If there was such change and your 'old' email is still inPortrait profile, please try to use this for registration, make sure you makeupdates after login. If 'old' email is no longer accessible, contact Customersupport.
  • are you sure your CWT Portrait profile has been created and is active? Toaccess myCWT the Portrait profile is required. If you don’t have one ask yourcompany to have profile created.

If any of the above did not help, and please contact our support team through the chat or Customer support.

The Carlson Team

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