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Message CWT via Slack

Can I connect directly with a CWT counselor through Slack?

Written by Jonathan Rogers
Updated over a week ago

Available from 30th March 2024

Instead of connecting via phone or email, you can easily message a CWT Travel Counselor via Slack. Other channels are also available: myCWT ™ app and web, Workplace, MS Teams and WhatsApp.

You will receive an immediate automated response and within minutes a CWT Travel Counselor will send you a message and be ready to manage your business travel needs including:

  • Book trips

  • Cancel or change travel

  • Request copies of your itinerary

  • And more…

Getting Started

Slack Administrators

Use the below link to install 'Message CWT' in your company's Slack Workspace

Slack Users

Once installed by a company administrator, you will find 'Message CWT' under the Apps section of your Slack homepage.

If you don’t see the 'Message CWT' app – you can add it yourself:

  1. Log into Slack

  2. Click “Add Apps”

  3. Search for “CWT”

  4. Click on “ Message CWT” then “Add”

Here is a sample interaction:


• Your company must be a client of CWT.
• Your company must have CWT’s messaging service enabled.
• Your company must have approved the 'Message CWT' Slack App

If any of the above prerequisites are not met, please contact your company’s travel department for more information.

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