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Book your flight with myCWT web and mobile
Book your flight with myCWT web and mobile
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What booking functionalities are available now?

You can book either a round trip or one-way flight in Economy and Business class.

You also have access to your own client and CWT negotiated fares as well as policy guideline reminders.

Flight booking is a client setup item. In some cases, you may be in a country which doesn’t yet offer the flight hotel booking option. Please speak with your Travel Manager to enable flight booking.

Are Low-cost carriers content available on myCWT?

Yes, for enabled clients.

Can I select my seat when booking a flight on myCWT?

Yes, you can select your seat when booking a flight on myCWT web and mobile.

Can I see carbon indicators when booking a flight on myCWT?

Yes, carbon footprint data is displayed at point of booking, empowering travelers to make more sustainable choices.

Can I see COVID related country restriction information when booking my flights?

Yes, you can click on the link to CWT Travel Essentials when booking flights on myCWT mobile, to quickly see any COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions related to your trip.

What information passes from myCWT mobile to CWT Travel Essentials during the flight booking process?

Airport codes, vaccination information (defaults to full-vaccinated) and passport country from your travel profile.

Will my air loyalty program(s) be taken into account?

Yes, in case the traveler has updated the info in the profile within the global profile management system.

Can I cancel a flight booking on myCWT?

Yes, you can cancel flight bookings on myCWT mobile (not web) before or after the ticket has been issued, regardless of the booking channel (myCWT, OBT or via your CWT travel counselor).

Which types of bookings cannot be cancelled on myCWT mobile?

  • Flight(s) + any other product in the same booking (hotel, car or rail)

  • Rail tickets

  • Flights of low cost carriers

  • Car reservations

Can I amend a flight booking on myCWT?

No, you can’t amend a flight booking on myCWT mobile or web. Please contact your CWT travel counselor should you need to change your flight booking.

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