Here is the little navigation guide for your myCWT site.
Please note some of the applicaitons or featurues may not be available to you. It all depends on your company settings.

Home page shows most important information, including your upcoming trips.

1. Access to all your profile data is done via My Travel Profile. Make sure your profile data are always up to date, completed with criticalinformation like email, phone, and passport. Always check your profile before you start your booking!

2. Book a trip
If you company is using Online booking tool, you can find it under 'Book my trip' or 'Book a full trip' button

3. If your company allows hotel bookings via website, you can book your hotel via Home page application - Express Hotel Booking, or by clicking at 'Book a hotel' tab at the top of the page

4. You can find your company news at the Home page. Look there for latest news or important information. You can expand the news by clicking at 'Read more'

5. You can access additional informaiton, company links and important documents from the tabs at the bottom of the home page - via Company Resources

6. Access to CWT AnalytIQs - if you have access to reporitng tool CWT AnalytIQs you can find it at the top of the page. If you should have access and you dont see the link, contact your Traveler Service Center.

7. If you are Client Admin, you can access your client myCWT settings to add links, articles and company news via ADMIN section.
8. If you are an Arranger, you can view your Travelers and their upcoming trips via 'My Travelers' tab. To book for your travelers you need to use your Online Booking tool or, if your company is not using online tool, contact your Booking center.
9. To view your upcoming and past trips, you can access it via 'My trips'.

Once you click on the trip, you can see details of it.
Some trips are possible to Download, however not all of the, this depends on the booking enging behind. You can always Print your trip details or Share it via email.
Cancel - to cancel booked trip, you need to do this same way trip was booked. Usually all online booked trips can be cancelled via Online Booking tool. Offline booked trips should be cancelled offline with and CWT Agent.
Some Hotel bookings made via the Express Hotel Booking tool at myCWT page can be cancelled directly via the website and 'My Trips' page.

10. To change your Username and/or Password you need to access My Account, Account settings.

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