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Your travel profile holds all your personal and travel related information such as your personal details, contact information, passport and visa document, frequent flyer number and much more. The information in your travel profile is used to help you and your CWT counsellor book your trip. Whether it's your preferred seat or hotel preferences, having them on your travel profile helps you move through the booking stages with ease.
Always keep your profile information up to date.

You can manage your personal traveler profile from the myCWT website or app. On the myCWT website, click the 'My Travel Profile' on the main menu. This will open a new tab with your travel profile where you can add new information or edit existing information.
If you dont see the My Travel Profile button on the website this can be from two reasons:

  1. either the browser you are using is not compatible, please try another browser, or

  2. per your company policy your profile management is via your Online Booking Tool, then click on Book A Full trip button to go to profile update

If your company is using CWT Portrait as travel profile system, you can update most important information there.

Traveler Details
In this section add your name (as on the travel document), Birth Date and Travel Documents like Passport or National ID. Scroll down and expand each section to add required information, submit when completed.
Here you can add your Arranger and (if your company has it in policy), Authorizer.
In this section you can add your Credit Card information. If you want your CC to be used for specific types of travel, select the preferences for Air, Car, Hotel or Rail.
This section also contains information on your company Reporting fields.
Air, Car, Hotel and Rail
These section allows you to add your Frequent traveler cards, Discount cards as well as set preferences for your trip.

myCWT mobile profile
To access your travel profile on the mobile app, open the main menu and tap 'My Travel Profile'.
If your profile on mobile is non-editable, in read only mode, this is possible that per your company policy your profile management tool is your Online Booking Tool. In such case, to update your profile information please first go to your booking tool profile section (login to myCWT website and click Book a Full Trip buttin, or access your booking tool directly)

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