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Flight check-in via your mobile device
Flight check-in via your mobile device
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There are more than 250 airlines worldwide offering mobile check-in. 

Based on your itinerary information, you should get a notification to your mobile phone once the online check-in for your flight is available. When you click to check in, the app connects you to your airline’s mobile website to complete the process.

Paperless boarding passes are available only for certain airlines and airports. For more information about paperless boarding pass programs, check with your country's governing agency - for example, TSA's website in the U.S

myCWT (formerly CWT To Go) app lets you easily drag and drop your flight information into the relevant fields of the online check-in website of your airline.

I'm having an issue checking in for my Air Canada flight

We are aware of an ongoing issue that some myCWT app users are having when accessing the pre-populated check-in feature for Air Canada within the app. myCWT pre-populates certain Air Canada fields during the check-in process and it has been identified that the issue resides in the three letter airport code; however, to ensure the Air Canada mobile website functions properly, you need to:

  • Delete the pre-populated code.

  • Use the drop down menu to choose the correct airport from the list.

  • Tap on another area of the screen which registers the change to continue the process.

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