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Using myCWT as a Travel Arranger
Using myCWT as a Travel Arranger
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When you are configured as a Travel Arranger in your CWT Portrait profile you'll be able to use the Travel Arranger Trip Monitor view.

Arrangers have access to all of their travelers on myCWT web and mobile. Up to 150 travelers will appear on the welcome screen in web, 25 on iOS and 50 on Android. Note that the system displays the first 25 travelers that are received. The order of travelers is determined by the date the traveler arranger was associated to the traveler in CWT Portrait. The order is from oldest to most recent and cannot be changed. Travelers who do not appear on the welcome screen can be searched.

All your traveler's trips booked via CWT will automatically sync to the Travel Arranger Trip Monitor. Should you need to add a non-CWT booked itinerary to a traveler’s trip in myCWT app, you may forward the itinerary from your email address to your traveler with a cc to

All travelers using myCWT app, as well as those who are not, will appear in the Travel Arranger dashboard. For those that are not, you may use the SMS feature to send a message to your travelers recommending they use the app.

Syncing travelers’ trips to my calendar?

The ability to sync your travelers’ trips to your calendar is not currently available, but you can view them in the Trip Monitor View.

Your traveler must be myCWT app user to have their trips to sync to their calendar. You can use the SMS feature to send their traveler a recommendation to use the app.  


Booking for your travelers

You are able to book flights, hotels, car rental and train travel for your travelers if your company has booked capabilities enabled.

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