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Book your hotel with myCWT mobile (formerly CWT To Go)
Book your hotel with myCWT mobile (formerly CWT To Go)
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Hotel search results

You can search for hotels using your device’s current location, a city name, airport, landmark, address or office location. Searching by address and office location will ensure that only hotels close to that location are shown. Your company's preferred hotels will be available and prioritized in the search results.

Hotel booking is a client setup item. In some cases, you may be in a country which doesn’t yet offer the mobile hotel booking option. Please speak with your Travel Manager to enable hotel booking.

Hotel booking and company's hotel policy

If your company has a hotel allowance as part of its policy, you will be able to see which hotels exceed your company’s spend policy in the results page.

Hotel rates differ from what I see on other websites

myCWT displays rates that are inclusive of taxes and fees that will be incurred.

Can I see carbon indicators when booking a hotel on myCWT?

Yes, carbon footprint data is displayed at point of booking, empowering travelers to make more sustainable choices.

Can I see health indicators when booking a hotel on myCWT?

Yes, travelers will find an “Enhanced Health Measures” label when booking hotels on myCWT. The information includes specific hotel health measures in place related to prevention of COVID-19.

Booked hotels and the online booking tool (OBT) trip library

Viewing your hotel bookings made on myCWT in your trip library on your OBT may vary on your company’s setup. If you are able to view Travel Counselor reservations on your OBT, you will also be able to see your mobile hotel bookings on your OBT.

Cancel a hotel reservations

You are only able to cancel the hotel bookings that were made via myCWT.  All other hotel bookings must be cancelled with a counselor or online booking tool. 

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